Dave Kull is a singer & songwriter from Zurich, Switzerland. What began as a dream a long time ago, grew into a vision for his debut album STONES that received quite some attention when it was released in 2008. Dave Kull has shown his musical talent in various formations for more than ten years and has not only gained experience in songwriting and in countless live performances, but has also greatly matured as an artist! He not only has a unique voice that immediately fascinates and touches one’s soul, he also bridges the gap between deep lyrics, melancholic melodies and a playful lightness.

“My songs are my means of communication”, says Dave who has not only sung and written all the songs but has also played a lot of the instruments himself.

After his debut and the single Crazy (2010) he took his much deserved break from the industry. He searched for his identity as an artist, musician, songwriter and especially for his sound.

A tipping point in this process was when Dave met the Swiss producers of Soma Studios. Tons of ideas, demos and recording sessions later, the second album Fighter For Love (2013) has emerged baring enormously powerful, touching and great songs!

The journey continuous.




Fighter For Love
Album Out Now

Addicted to your love
Single 2013

Single 2010



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